Teaching Mindfulness to Create Effective Counselors

Mindfulness is a condition of total awareness, acceptance of emotions, thoughts and sensations as they become active in the individual. Mindfulness is also linked to influence how mental health professionals relate to their emotional life to themselves and others with…


Human Trafficking: A Human Disgrace

People do not believe this happen in the U.S.: A quarter of million girls are trafficked within continental U.S.

The Lost Boys of Sudan

Each of us has a unique way of experiencing life, a different way to approach a problem, a distinctive way to solve issues and this undoubtedly will impact the outcome of our lives.

What Is Life?

My life choice is a daily effort to maintain a balance between letting the students learn, not to impose what must be done — which reflects Progressivism, — but rather let them explore to be active learners.

Gay Marriage And The Constitution of The United States

The recognition of the gay marriage and the declaration of unconstitutionality of the definition of marriage between a man and a woman is a huge acceptation of alternative lifestyles and a sample of respect toward those who act and think different.